Elections 2021

On this page we hope to publish material to help prepare for the Scottish Parliament elections on May 6th. We'll highlight materials for hustings, correspondence from candidates and others with an interest in the Scottish Parliamentary Elections, etc. Please send us any materials or  correspondence you receive that may be of interest and we'll publish it on this page.

View the 'Peace Hustings' sponsored by CAAT and Pax Christi Scotland held on 26 April

Where do our Holyrood candidates stand on peace issues? On Trident? On our pension funds being invested in manufacturing arms & nuclear weapons? On social issues such as gender violence?

Please contact your candidates and send any responses to us - we'll publish any responses you can send us.

One way to get involved - Send this manifesto for peace to YOUR candidates & ask them to respond to the CAAT link.

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From Maree Todd, Scottish National Party

Dear Marian, Thank you for contacting me regarding this important issue. The Scottish Government and its enterprise agencies do not provide funding for the manufacture of munitions. Our agencies’ support is focused solely on helping firms to diversify and to develop non-military applications for their technology. This has included investment supporting opportunities in blue-light and […]

From Molly Nolan, Scottish Liberal Democrat Candidate

Dear Marian Thank you for your email about building a more peaceful world. Liberalism and cooperation have a critical role to play in securing peace, promoting democracy and defending human rights across the world. Scottish Liberal Democrats will always be outward-looking and internationalist. We want to remove barriers, not build them up, and we will […]

From Alison Johnstone, Scottish Greens

Thanks so much for getting in touch. The Scottish Greens believe in a world free of nuclear weapons. We must recognise that we face not only a climate emergency but also increased nuclear insecurity in our world today, and the Scottish Greens have a consistent and recognised history of campaigning on both issues, across Scotland, in […]

Open Letter

An open letter to all election candidates From Ross Ahlfeld, Pax Christi Scotland executive committee member (and endorsed from the heart of Pax Christi Scotland) Dear future member of the Scottish Parliament In the months and years ahead, we members of Pax Christi Scotland will speak to you of the dangers of militarism and warn […]

Brendan O’Hara MP

Dear Marian Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding the UK Government’s abhorrent decision to increase its nuclear arsenal. As you will know, the UKs nuclear weapons are based in Argyll & Bute and alongside my SNP colleagues, I have signed EDM 1667 which opposes the plans to increase the number of these […]

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