From Alison Johnstone, Scottish Greens

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The Scottish Greens believe in a world free of nuclear weapons. We must recognise that we face not only a climate emergency but also increased nuclear insecurity in our world today, and the Scottish Greens have a consistent and recognised history of campaigning on both issues, across Scotland, in Holyrood and internationally. On May 6 we are asking people to vote like our future depends on it.

Our manifesto for the Scottish Parliament elections, called Our Common Future, was launched on 14 April. In the External Affairs section we make the following commitments:


The Scottish Greens believe in a world free of nuclear weapons. We will:

  • Oppose the housing of nuclear submarines and weapons in Faslane.
  • Amend the Marine Scotland Act to ban the movement of nuclear weapons through Scottish waters.
  • End government support for businesses involved in the nuclear weapons supply chain.
  • Issue prosecution guidance against the enforcement of charges against non-violent activists involved in protests against Faslane base and transport of nuclear weapons on Scottish roads.
  • Seek observer status in the UN Office of Disarmament Affairs and the Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Initiative.
  • Campaign for the establishment of nuclear free zones in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Contribute to global efforts to build peace and resolve conflict by committing to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and establish a Scottish Centre for Peace tasked with researching non-violent conflict resolution and hosting international summits, talks & negotiations.


Alison Johnstone,

Scottish Green candidate for Lothian

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