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An open letter to all election candidates

Ros AhlfeldFrom Ross Ahlfeld, Pax Christi Scotland executive committee member
(and endorsed from the heart of Pax Christi Scotland)

Dear future member of the Scottish Parliament

In the months and years ahead, we members of Pax Christi Scotland will speak to you of the dangers of militarism and warn you about the growing threat of nuclear apocalypse. We will be pests, imploring you to reject the obscenity of billions being wasted on weapons of mass destruction rather than being spent on schools, hospitals and poverty alleviation. We will also be friends, supporting you and helping you on your journey towards creating a more peaceful and just Scotland.

However, on this occasion we are not lobbying for changes in legislation or making demands on behalf of our Peace Fellowship.

Rather, we speak to you today with a simple message of peace and offer a personal blessing from Pax Christi Scotland for you all, because in truth, peace-making begins in our relationships and in each of our hearts.

And so –

Blessed are the MSPs who feel unpopular and unsuccessful.

You are enough; you are loved. 

Blessed are the MSPs who feel powerless and overwhelmed by the raging political storms of our day.

You are a light in the darkness.

Blessed are the elected members who worry that their imperfect home life and family life does not match up to the public image demanded by our society.

May your vulnerability give you the gift of empathy and make you a ‘wounded healer’ of others.

Blessed are the politicians who feel humiliated in debates and sick with nerves before each session.

‘Be still and know I am the Lord’.

Blessed are the MSPs who despair and stress about a life outside politics after their term in office comes to an end.

There is always hope. 

Blessed are the parliamentarians who feel unworthy and unfit for office.

Jesus walks with you.

Blessed are the politicians deeply hurt by abuse and personal criticism directed at them but too afraid to show it.

May you be comforted and lay down every burden.

May this blessing be a reminder to you that –

Before you are an MSP, you are first and foremost a human being and beloved child of God, made in God’s image and likeness.

Future members of parliament,

We ask that you take care of our nation and work for peace, but first of all, take of yourselves and each other.

May God bless you all


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